Cook, Gilbert Harold

Regimental Number: 267031
Rank: Private
Branch: 214th Battalion

Gilbert was born in Gloucestershire, England on June 14, 1895. He came to Canada and settled in Saskatchewan before the war, and enlisted in the Canadian army in 1915. In July of 1916, Gilbert slipped and fell doing trench work, which caused a hernia for which he required surgery. He was discharged in February of 1917 due to phlebitis, and convalesced in Winnipeg. Gilbert was drafted again in 1918. In the time between his discharge and reenlistment, Gilbert married a woman named Winnifred. After the war he homesteaded at 24-72-4-6, 18-77-6-6, 19-77-6-6, and 20-77-6-6. Gilbert died in Grande Prairie in December of 1986.

Sources: Chepi-Sepe p. 182; Memories & Moments p. 166, 276; homestead record