Cook, Booth

Regimental Number: 781441
Rank: Sergeant
Branch: 128th Battalion; 28th Battalion

Booth was born in Carleton, Ontario on June 9, 1891. He enlisted in the Canadian army in 1915 and was sent overseas. His brother Gordon joined up as well. Booth fought at Vimy Ridge, and was in every advance in which the Canadians participated. He was wounded in April of 1917. Booth married an Englishwoman named Alice during the war. He was at Mons when the Armistice was signed. In the months between the end of the war and being sent home, Booth was posted to police duty in the Canadian Military Police Corps. In 1928 he came to Beaverlodge to homestead. He spent four years with the RCAF Service Police during the Second World War. Booth married Mabel Sims in 1954 (there is no record of what happened to his first wife, Alice). He died in Grande Prairie in May of 1980.

Sources: Beaverlodge to the Rockies p. 202