Cloutier, Elzear

Regimental Number: 101452
Rank: Private
Branch: 49th Battalion

Elzear was born in Cap-Saint-Ignace on November 22, 1892. He was wounded by a hand grenade in both legs and his right hand at Mount Sorrel on July 15, 1916, less than a month after he arrived in France. The injuries left Elzear dangerously ill, and in August his left leg was amputated five inches below the hip. Infection made a second amputation necessary in January of 1917. Three pieces of shrapnel remained in his right knee for quite some time. Elzear was sent back to Canada in March of 1917 aboard the HMHS Essequibo, the first hospital ship to cross the Atlantic to Canada. He was discharged in September 1918. His brothers Irene and Omer also served in the war. Elzear returned to his homestead at SE 32-76-21, where he lived with his wife Marguerite and their six children. Elzear died on February 17, 1959.

Sources: By the Peavine in the Smoky of the Peace, p. 241