Clarkson, Thomas Henry

Regimental Number: 622391
Rank: Private
Branch: 44th Battalion; 1st Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rifles

Thomas was born in Williamsburg, New Brunswick on December 28, 1890. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in April of 1915; his nephew William also served in the army during World War I. In June of 1916 while fighting at Ypres, Thomas received gunshot wounds to the right side of his neck. He received gunshot wounds to the left side of his neck and shoulder in January of 1917. Then, in September of 1918, Thomas suffered from a gunshot wound to his left foot. He was discharged on September 19, 1919. In 1920, Thomas came to the South Peace and filed on the southern half of 33-70-25-W5. His brother Martin and Martin’s son William lived in the area as well. Thomas lived there for three years, but did not prove up. Thomas left the area for a number of years. He served in the Veterans Guard during World War II. In 1962, Thomas came to visit the South Peace for two days before returning to his home in Kelowna. Thomas died in Kelowna in January of 1964 and was buried in Lakeview Memorial Gardens.

Source: Across the Smoky p. 46; Where the Red Willow Grew p. 303