Cimon, Charles Henri

Regimental Number: 3213011
Rank: Private
Branch: 1st Depot Battalion, Alberta Regiment; 21st Reserve Battalion

Charles was born in Baie St. Paul, Charlevoix, Quebec on February 21, 1897. In 1917, he came west to take a homestead near Donnelly (NW 70-78-20). However, a few months later Charles was drafted into the army. He remained in England, however, and never saw action at the front lines in France. He returned to Donnelly after the war, but after a few years Charles decided farming wasn’t his line of work and he returned to his hometown in Quebec in 1924. On July 20, 1926 he married Marguerite Moquin. The couple had eight children. Charles worked for Sorel Industries until his retirement, and the company still brought him precision work until he was 75.

Sources: By the Peavine in the Smoky of the Peace, p. 236