Carney, Edward

Regimental Number: 437701
Rank: Sergeant
Branch : 51st Battalion; 46th Battalion

Edward was born in London, England on November 23, 1888. He immigrated to Canada in 1910 and worked in Toronto before homesteading at NW 4-74-7 near Buffalo Lakes. In 1915 Ed joined the Canadian armed forces and served overseas. He received a gunshot wound in his left arm at Vimy Ridge on April 12, 1917. At that point he had been in France for nine months. Ed spent eight months in hospital then was sent home in February 1918 because of a partial loss of function in his left arm. He was married in July of 1918. In 1939, Ed was called up under G.O. 139 and employed to train troops during the Second World War. Ed died in November 1975.

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