Campbell, Joseph Alphonse

Regimental Number: 467513
Rank: Private
Branch: 10th Battalion; 63rd Battalion

Joseph was born on October 20, 1889 in Fall River, Massachusetts. He spent a holiday in Athabasca Landing with a relative and decided to stay. In 1915, Alphonse joined the armed forces and went overseas. His service record indicates that he went AWOL from Witley Camp for about a month in August/September 1919. After the war, Alphonse returned to Athabasca with his bride, Jeanne Juliette de Chatillon from Nancy, France, but they moved on to Falher in 1921. The couple had no children of their own, but they adopted a son and daughter. In 1937, their home caught fire and Jeanne died when running in to search for something important. Alphonse was also burned and spent considerable time in the hospital. Alphonse died on March 3, 1970.

Source: By the Peavine in the Smoky of the Peace p. 221-222