Calloway, Richard

Regimental Number: 79048
Rank: Private
Branch: 31st Battalion; 1st Depot Battalion, Alberta Regiment

Richard was born in Plymouth, England on August 2, 1881. It is unknown when he came to Canada, but he enlisted in Calgary on November 16, 1914. Richard suffered from shell shock due to an explosion at St. Eloi on June 4, 1916. On December 4, 1916, he was invalided to Canada. Also in December, Richard was granted permission to marry Alice. Richard was discharged, having been found medically unfit, on August 31, 1917. He was commended for wanting to carry on with work, despite tiring easily and not eating or sleeping well, according to a report dated May of 1917. On March 28, 1918, Richard was drafted into the Canadian Army. He filed on homesteads at NW 32-78-20-W5 and NE 31-78-20-W5 in 1918.