Burrows, Charles Edward

Regimental Number: 118003
Rank: Private
Branch: 3rd Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles

Charles was born in Springhill, Nova Scotia on May 31, 1896. He was working as a coal miner in Alberta when he enlisted in the Canadian Army in March of 1915. At Ypres on June 4, 1916, Charles received gunshot wounds to his back; he suffered from shell shock as a result of this injury. On the same day, he was buried three times by shell explosions. Charles was sent to a convalescent home in Calgary in October of 1916, mostly due to shell shock. He was discharged on December 23, 1916. In 1920, Charles filed on homesteads at NE 16-80-8-W6 and NE 17-80-8-W6.