Broderick, Cyril Aubrey

Regimental Number: 101069
Rank: Lance Corporal
Branch: 66th Battalion; 9th Reserve Battalion; 21st Reserve Battalion; 31st Battalion

Cyril was born on April 29, 1889 in Tavistock, Devon, England. He came to Spirit River with his parents and siblings in 1912 and filed on a homestead about two miles north of the old townsite. In 1915 Cyril enlisted to serve in the Canadian army. He suffered from shell shock in early 1916; according to his discharge papers he “was in France five months when blown up by shell. No disability, no wounds.” Cyril was promoted to Lance Corporal on October 29, 1917. He was shot through the left shoulder on August 9, 1918 at Rosieres. Some of the bone was taken away, and some small pieces of bone continued to break loose later. Cyril could not hold up any weight for any length of time even after shoulder healed. Because of this injury, he was invalided to Canada in March 1919. Cyril died on June 12, 1965.

Source: Chepi Sepe p. 299