Brennan, Edwin

Regimental Number: 437176
Rank: Private
Branch: 46th Battalion

Edwin was born in York Mills, Ontario on August 21, 1871. It is unknown when he first came to Alberta, but he enlisted in Edmonton in May of 1915. On October 25, 1916 at the Somme (Courcelette), Edwin received shrapnel wounds to his left leg. His leg was fractured, and on March 27, 1918 he was discharged, having been found medically unfit for service. In 1919, he filed on NE 9-76-21-W5 and NW 10-76-21-W5; in 1930, he also filed on SW 30-75-20-W5. Edwin died in the Veterans Pavilion in Edmonton on November 21, 1960.

Sources: Guy p. 225