Bradley, Frederick

Regimental Number: 1009445
Rank: Sapper; Driver
Branch: 229th Overseas Battalion; 10th Battalion, Canadian Engineers

Frederick was born in Rougham, Suffolk, England on February 10, 1892. He enlisted in the Canadian Army on January 6, 1916 and served in France, where he was slightly wounded in the leg. He sprained his ankle in September 1917 while on duty at Shoreham Camp by tripping over a stone in the dark. Fred returned to Rouleau, Saskatchewan after the war. In the late 1920s, Fred and his brother Herb came to the Peace country and purchased E 25-72-8-W6. They farmed together for many years. Fred died on August 30, 1965 in the Grande Prairie Hospital.

Sources: Lake Saskatoon Reflections p. 104