Bostock, Neville Stanley

Regimental Number: 117155; 6254
Rank: Private; Second Lieutenant
Branch: 12th Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles; Royal Field Artillery

Neville was born in Horsham, Sussex, England on April 6, 1888. In 1913, he and his brother Edward came to the South Peace; Neville filed on SE 21-80-14-W6. He joined the RNWMP on September 15, 1914 and served for one year. In September of 1915, he enlisted in the Canadian Army. Neville was discharged in January of 1916 on appointment to Commission in Royal Field Artillery. On April 22, 1917 near Arras, Neville was killed instantly by the explosion of an enemy shell. His major wrote to his mother saying, “He is a great loss as an officer and is dreadfully missed. His knowledge of horseflesh and horsemanship made him invaluable.” The Captain of his Battery wrote to his parents, “Your son was always cheery and capable and I miss him more than I can say.” Five of his brothers served in the war, two more of whom were killed, including Edward.