Blois, Leonard Erle

Regimental Number: 321695/231695
Rank: Private
Branch: 202nd Battalion; 31st Battalion

Leonard was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia on December 30, 1895. Prior to his service in World War I, he had served in the 63rd Royal Halifax Rifles. He came to the Peace Country in 1916 to look for land, but the weather was not favorable for farming that year and instead, he enlisted in the army in June of that year. He received a gunshot wound in his right arm on August 12, 1918, and a minor gunshot wound to his head on October 11, 1918. After the war, in 1921, Leonard married Gudrun Lee and they lived near Carstairs until 1948 when the family returned to the Peace Country. Leonard died on May 20, 1979 and was buried in the Wanham Cemetery.

Sources: Grooming the Grizzly p. 264