Blanchard, Fred

Regimental Number: 101077
Rank: Private
Branch: 66th Battalion; 7th Canadian Area Employment Company

Fred was born in Hampshire, England on March 6, 1862. He joined the British navy in 1878 and served for nine years. His first military service was in Egypt in 1882. Fred first came to the Peace country in 1909 and settled in Lake Saskatoon with his wife Emily and their family. In 1915, Fred went to Edmonton to join up. He lied about his age, writing 1870 as the year of his birth. He celebrated his 55th birthday in the trenches, and was discharged in 1918 before the end of the war. Fred died on March 15, 1930 and was buried with full military honors in the Soldiers’ Plot at Hope, British Columbia.

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