Bishop, Cleveland

Regimental Number: 118054
Rank: Private
Branch: 2nd Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rifles

Cleveland was born in Marksville, Ontario on November 15, 1888. It is unknown when he moved west, but he enlisted in the Canadian Army at Lethbridge in February of 1915. Cleveland suffered from bronchitis from February to April of 1916; it was caused by “exposure on duty in the trenches filled with water.” He was sent back to Canada in May of 1916 and discharged, having been found medically unfit due to the bronchitis, on August 29, 1916. Cleveland filed on NE 18-79-13-W6 in 1918, which he subsequently patented. In 1919 Cleveland filed on SW 20-79-13-W6. He canceled this homestead and according to a present address card in his service file (ca. 1923), Cleveland later lived in Airdrie, Alberta and Ontario.

Sources: Homesteaders’ Heritage p. 179