Barre, Arthur

Regimental Number: 3207612
Rank: Private
Branch: 49th Battalion

Arthur was born in Pipestone, Manitoba on November 10, 1891. He was living in Redcliff, Alberta when he was drafted in March of 1918. Arthur forfeited 21 days’ pay for missing parade on December 14, 1918 at 9:00AM. See pages 29 and 31 of Arthur’s service file for information about his family. In 1920, Arthur came to the South Peace and filed on homesteads at SW 26-72-12-W6, SW 22-72-12-W6, and NE 24-72-12-W6. He married Margaret O’Connel in 1925. Arthur was a mail carrier between Hythe and Goodfare for about eighteen years. His car “was the only car around to have license plates on it, and it was a common practice among those who owned a car to borrow Art’s license plates to make a trip to town.” Arthur continued to farm in the Goodfare area until his retirement in 1952. Arthur was hospitalized in Calgary for some time before his death on January 11, 1955.

Sources: surname file; Pioneer Round Up p. 63