Barclay, James Gordon

Regimental Number: 467403
Rank: Lance Corporal
Branch: 29th Battalion

James was born in Darlingford, Manitoba on April 1, 1887. In 1915, he filed on a homestead at SW 31-70-11-W6; that same year he traveled to Edmonton and enlisted in the Canadian Army. His medical examination prior to enlisting was conducted in Spirit River. In December of 1916, James received a minor wound to his foot. He was also shot in the right forearm in August of 1917, this time quite a serious injury. The bone was fractured and became infected. The arm was operated on to do a nerve suture (see page 24 for a diagram of the wounds). James was invalided to Canada in December of 1918. According to the present address card in his service file, James was living in Edmonton in 1922. James died of a heart attack at the Dreamland Theatre in Edmonton on October 30, 1954.