Arac, Constantine “Fred”

Regimental Number: 3181724
Rank: Sapper
Branch: 94th Regiment; 1st Depot Battalion, Nova Scotia Regiment; Canadian Railway Troops

Constantine was born on August 7, 1897 in Russia. He, along with his younger brother John, came to Canada in 1913 at the age of 15 to join his elder brother Emil. Constantine, or Fred, was a miner in Nova Scotia until he joined the army in World War I. On Christmas Eve 1918 he arrived back in Canada. While in Europe, Fred had made friends with Pete Stalberg of Beaverlodge and together they came back to the Grande Prairie area. Fred filed on land near Sexsmith, where his brother John joined him in fall of 1919. In fall of 1922 Fred took a job in Vancouver. On May 18, 1927, Fred married Elsie Monica Branhan. Sadly, Elsie died on April 13, 1928, after less than a year of marriage. Fred was later remarried to Sarah Patricia Peterson, who had been born Sigridur Petra Wilhelmina Einarsdóttir in Iceland in 1901. Fred died in Vancouver on November 16, 1985.

Sources: Wagon Trails Grown Over, p. 393