Allard, Albert

Regimental Number: 26402
Rank: Private
Branch: 21st Reserve Depot Battalion; 14th Battalion

Albert Allard was born on April 25, 1894 in St. Roch L’Achigan, Quebec. He came to Donnelly, Alberta in 1914 and filed on a homestead at NE 1-78-21-5. On April 23, 1915, Albert was on a ration party at Ypres when a shell burst close to him, knocking him down. He was not rendered unconscious, but his shoulder was injured. He was invalided to England to be treated for various injuries/illnesses, including shell-shock. On May 4, 1915, his Medical Case Sheet read: “much improved, but not really well.” Three months later, he was 16 pounds lighter than his usual weight, and his shoulder was still somewhat stiff. But worst of all, he was in a very nervous condition, “his whole being quivering all the time.” He was sent back to Canada in August, 1915 because of nervous shock. After the war, he sold his land to Dr. Gauthier and returned to Montreal. It is unknown whether he was ever able to recover.

Sources: By the Peavine in the Smoky of the Peace p. 99, 166