Fonds 644 Sexsmith Branch #60 Royal Canadian Legion fonds

Sexsmith Branch #60 Royal Canadian Legion. — 1914-1987. — 7 pp. — 40 photographs.

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Agency History

The Sexsmith Legion #60 was formed in 1927, receiving its charter from Dominion Command in 1928. Walter Spry was the president and there were twelve charter members. The Branch served many surrounding communities including Bad Heart and La Glace. The legion helped veterans obtain pensions and services for disabled WWI veterans. In 1937 the Legion had CFGP broadcast the Remembrance Day ceremony from the newly constructed cenotaph. With the return of WWII veterans it was decided that there was a need for a hall in Sexsmith and over the next ten years with donations and volunteers the hall was completed. The Sexsmith Legion Branch also supported sports and events including minor ball, hockey and track and field. The Ladies Auxilary was formed in 1950 to support the Legion and its activities as well.

In 1978, Sexsmith Branch #60 celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Source: Wagon Trails Grown Over pg.774

Custodial History

The Sexsmith Legion donated the collection to the Sexsmith Museum who in turn donated them to the archives.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of photographs and documents of events supported or collected by the Sexsmith Legion.


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Table of Contents

Series 644.01 Military Photographs
Series 644.02 Sports and Other Events
Series 644.03 Paper Artifacts
Series 644.01 Military Photographs. — 23 photographs.

The series consists of photographs of soldiers and veterans from the community of Sexsmith.

WWI Soldiers, c.1917
1 photograph; b & w; 42 x 17.5 cm
A group of soldiers, possible James A. Foote from Sexsmith is in the photo.
Location: 0644.01.01
B’Co. 256 Construction Battalion CEF, 1917
1 photograph; b & w; 25 x 78 cm
A group soldiers belonging to B’Co 256 Construction Battalion CEF outside a building in Toronto, March 16, 1917. James A. Foote is probably one of the soldiers in the picture. Photographer’s stamp: 1316 Blakemore Studio, 305 Yonge St., Toronto.
Location: 0644.01.02
Burial of Joseph William Robinson in Flanders, c.1917
1 photograph; sepia; 4 x6 in.
The burial in the field at Flanders of Joseph William Robinson with his comrades looking on. Joseph Robinson served with the Strathcona Regiment, Regiment number 430519. The post card is captioned “He died for empire” and was donated to the Legion by Comrade G. Hollingworth.
Location: 0644.01.03
Soldiers in Aldershot, c.1942
1 photograph; b & w; 17 x 27 cm
A group of soldiers in Aldershot. The photograph is stamped H.R. Tunn, 176 Victoria Rd., Aldershot.
Location: 0644.01.04
Platoon #6 C.A.(B).T.C. #132, 1942
1 photogarph; b & w; 16.5 x 25 cm
The Platoon #6 C.A.(B).T.C. #132 sitting outside for a photograph in Mar. 1942. First row far left – Willie Welter.
Location: 0644.01.05
Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps., 1942
1 photograph; b & w; 20 x 100 cm
A huge group of soldiers standing at attention at the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps. Training Centre in Barriefield, Ont, April 1942. Photograph by: Rea & Gillespie, Bradford, Ont.
Location: 0644.01.06
Flight Sgt. Graham Wilson Howard, 1942
1 photograph; colour; 11 x 17 cm
Flight Sargeant Graham Wilson Howard in Halifax, Nova Scotia Dec. 1942. Regimental Number R130873.
Location: 0644.01.07
Returning Sexsmith Soldiers, 1945
1 photograph; b & w; 12.5 x 18 cm
The returning Sexsmith soldiers after WWII. Back – Bill Card, Dan Rycroft, Simon Haakstad, Jack Campbell, Andy Innes, George Cameron, Dale Harris, T. Copeland, Samuelson. Middle – J. Bond, G. Gerow, E. McDonald, G. Rix, Scotty Boyd, J. Siluch, Bryce Burns, L. Rasmussan, D. McNaughton, T. Forsythe Front – Jack Waters, H. Knight, B.Brown, L. White, C. Foote, C. Thomson, D. Wright, B. Murray, G. Kusyk, B. Moody, G. McQuitty, J. Thorpe. This photograph was used in the book “Wagon Trails Grown Over” pg. 1162. Photographer’s stamp: Art Craft, Grande Prairie, Alta.
Location: 0644.01.08
Sexsmith Legion Members, c.1960
3 photographs; b & w; various
Male members of the Sexsmith Legion. One photograph identified as Edgar Henning, Stanley Kulicki, Jock Thomson, Adam Grotkowski, ?, George “Knobby” cLark, Joe Shannon (seated), Fred Bohn, Charlie Stojan, Andy Innes, Danny Rycroft, Gordon Mates, Matt Chrenek.
Location: 0644.01.12 – .14
Men and Women of the Sexsmith Legion, c.1960
1 photograph; b & w; 8 x 10 in.
The men and women of the Sexsmith Legion.
Location: 0644.01.15
Mrs. Jackson Receiving Pin, c.1965
1 photograph; b & w; 5 x 7 in.
Mrs. Jackson receiving her Past Zone Commander’s Pin by D. Burgess, Dominion President.
Location: 0644.01.16
Legion Ladies Auxillary, 1965
1 photograph; b & w; 9 x 9
The Legion Ladies Auxiliary Back – Clara Harris,m Hazel Elliott, Marge Innes Middle – Edna Duncan, Violet Rycroft, Jo Chrenek, Mary Gacek Front – Sarah Reynolds, Olive Hoag, Nan Fraser, Hedy Skjaveland.
Location: 0644.01.17
Legion Ladies Auxillary Gatherings, c.1960
3 photograph; b & w; various
Rallies of the Ladies Legion Auxiliary held in Fairview (1960), Medicine Hat (1961) and Edmonton (1963).
Location: 0644.01.18 – .20
Veterans Meetings, c.1965
2 photographs; b & w; various
Veterans sitting outside a building in Banff, Alberta and a large gathering of veterans.
Location: 0644.01.21 – .22
Life Members of the Sexsmith Legion Ladies Auxiliary, 1970
1 photograph; colour; 5 x 7 in.
Life members of the Sexsmith Ladies Auxiliary, L-R Nettie White, Clara Harris, Rose Spry, Phoebe Johnson, Hazel Elliott, Pres. M. Innes.
Location: 0644.01.23
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Series 644.02 Sports and Other Events. — 1948-1982. — 17 photographs.

The series consists of photographs of sports teams and events that the Sesxmith Legion supported.

Sexsmith Men Having Fun, 1948
5 photographs; b & w; 8 x 10 in.
A series of photographs of Sexsmith men in different posses and some in wigs and costumes. Some of the men pictured in the photographs are Opus, Redwood, Waters, Innis, Williams, Wiecker, Obniawka, Housman, McGowan, Cochran, Scarberg, Currie, Rycroft, Wilson, Pondick, Hovdebo, Stojan, Novelsky.
Location: 0644.02.01 – .05
Ma Brainard Recieveing a Pin, c.1960
1 photograph; b & w; 8 x 10 in.
Ma Brainard being presented with a pin.
Location: 0644.02.06
Boys and Their Trophies, c.1965
2 photographs; b & w; 8 x 10 in.
A group of boys being awarded trophies by the Sexsmith Legion. Back – Martin Duda, A. Innes, Brian Sandboe Middle – J. Brown, J. Shannon, John Stojan Front – L. Haakstad, Roger Grotkowski, G. Carter
Location: 0644.02.07, .08
Sexsmith Baseball Team, c.1960
1 photograph; b & w; 4 x6 in.
Two Legion members and the winning Little League Sexsmith boys baseball team called the Braves. Legion Zone Commander Charlie Stojan, and Coach Bert Chrenek with team members Dave Olson, Buster Brown, Jock Thomson, Gary Innes, Gary Roessler, John Fraser, Don Masterson, Darryl Carter, Eddy Wrzosek, Bruce Coleman, Franklin Moller, Johnny Stojan, Gordon Duda, Kenny Sallis, Walter Chledowski, Tom Chrenek, Greg Chrenek, Nelvert Kusyk, Marty Duda.
Location: 0644.02.09
Sexsmith Little League Baseball Teams, c.1965
3 photographs; b & w; 4 x 6 in.
Three Sexsmith little league baseball teams with legion members and coaches.
Location: 0644.02.10 – .12
Sexsmith Boys Winning Ball Team, 1965
1 photograph; colour; 8 x 10 in.
Back – Larry Vavrek, Donald Mates, Terry Bangen, Manager Andy Innes, Murray Gummer, Neil Rycroft, Edwin Grotkowski, Robbie Griffiths Front: Lyman Haakstad, Martin Duda, Joe Shannon, Kelly Shannon, Nelbert Kusyk Missing: Coach Adam Grotkowski, Kenny Donnison, Gary Lokseth, Gary Lawrence. 1965 Record 17 wins 0 Losses. Winners of the James Shannon Memorial Trophy for League Playoffs Tournament winners at Sexsmith, Rycroft, Rio Grande and Beaverlodge
Location: 0644.02.13
Sexsmith Boys 14 & Under Baseball Team, 1966
1 photogarph; colour; 8 x 10 cm
Back – Jimmie Brown, Manager Andy Innes, Kelly Shannon, Kelvin Sandboe, Randy Olson, Roddy Bohn, Jim Duda, Randy Wold, Murray Walters, Coach Buster Brown Front: Terry McCrum, Joey Haastad, Joe Shannon, Roger Wold, Roger Grotkowski 1966 Record 2 wins 3 Losses. 14 & Under League Champions Tournament Champions at Sexsmith, Rycroft and Eaglesham.
Location: 0644.02.14
Track & Field Officials, 1967
1 photograph; b & w; 5 x 7 in.
The officials for track and field walking down some steps.
Location: 0644.02.15
Sexsmith Legion Provincial Curling Team, 1968
1 photograph; b & w; 5 x 7 in.
The members of the Sexsmith Legion Provincial curling team.
Location: 0644.02.16
Sexsmith Students at Parliament Hill, 1982
1 photograph; b & w; 10 x 12.5 cm
A group pf Sexsmith students visiting Parliament Hill.
Location: 0644.02.17
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Series 644.03 Paper Artifacts. — 1942-1987. — 7 pp.

The series consists of stamps, certificates and a license belonging to the Sexsmith Legion.

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