Fonds 565 Doreen Cooke fonds

Doreen Cooke fonds. — [1900-1947]. — 1 pp. — 29 photographs.

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Biographical Sketch

Doreen Mossey was born November 9, 1924 in Lethbridge and trained to be a registered nurse before arriving in Grande Prairie in 1947. Doreen moved in to the residence by the Grande Prairie Municipal Hospital where she worked and quickly made many friends, including a bowling group called the Penicillin Kids who happily were the ‘champs’ for the bowling season they played. Doreen was also involved with the float the hospital entered in the Grande Prairie parade.

In 1948 Doreen married Donald Cooke, a life-long resident of Grande Prairie. Donald was the son of early pioneers to the area. His father Thomas Cooke arrived with brother-in-law Bill Boyd in 1911 and they set up the Cooke & Boyd sawmill on the west side of the Smoky River. The steam engines used to power the sawmill in the winter could also used to operate threshing machines in the summer and fall, and at one time Thomas owned up to five threshing outfits. In 1919 Tom moved from Crystal Creek to Grande Prairie.
Donald served in WWII, training at the D Coy Armouries in Grande Prairie.

Donald and Doreen spent many years in Grande Prairie where Doreen enjoyed the outdoors and was involved with the Peace Parkland Naturalists organization. Donald passed away in 1998 and Doreen in 2013.

Custodial History

The records were donated from the estate of Doreen Cooke by her daughter Moira, September 5, 2013.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of 29 photographs and one certificate. The photographs include 4 military photos of platoons and regiments from Grande Prairie during World War II, 20 photos of nurses who worked at the Grande Prairie Municipal Hospital, and 3 of nurses on a bowling team. There are also two early family photos from the Boyd and Cooke families: one of the wedding of Jen Boyd and blacksmith Bob Barley ca. 1900, and the other of a group at the Boyd sawmill in 1945. The certificate is for Donald Cooke Grade 2 Piano.


Accession No. 2013.51
The title is based on the contents of the fonds.
Biographical Sketch notes were taken from information located in the fonds, “Smokey River to Grande Prairie”, and Doreen Cooke’s obituary.

Barley Wedding Photo, [1900]
1 photo; b & w; 10.5 x 14.5
A wedding photo of Jen Boyd and Robert “Bob” Barley. The stamp is for Lambly in Lachute, Que. Bob is described as a blacksmith.
Location: 0565.02
2nd Edmonton Regiment, Camp Sarcee, 1942
1 photo; b & w; 17.5 x 64
A group photo of men in uniform with band instruments in the foreground and tents in the distance. The photograph is labeled “2nd Edmonton Regiment, Camp Sarcee, 2nd Camp, 19 July-2 Aug 1942”, and was taken by Oliver Studio from Calgary, Alberta.
Location: 0565.03
“D” Company Hockey Team, 1943-1944
1 photo; b & w; 19 x 24.5
A group photo of the “D” Company Hockey Team showing hockey players Bob Kelly, J. Blais, P. Wright, F. Edmundson, J. Hunter, G. Halverson, M. Swanson, A.J. Mantle, J. Swanston, O. Blais, D. Guittard, H. Shields, B. Spicer, C. Swanson, D. Miller and Sgt. Maj. Ewing
Location: 0565.04
D. Coy 49th Grande Prairie Loyal Regiment, 1944
1 photo; b & w; 14 x 24
A military photo with company members: J.H. Velve, M. Vatne, S. Rohne, J. Sonstvedt, P.G. Loberg, O. Klettke, Sgt. A. Flannigan, A.G. Howes, R. S. Wigmore, W. Duncan. Third Row: G. Halverson, P.M. Melhus, O. Homme, G. Tosczak, A. Westad, A.J. Dumbeck, R.G. Miller, H.C. Pearson, M. Horneland, R.L. V. Reed, D. Dyer 2nd Row: F. Field, K. Knutson, E. Blais, E. Buchholdt, A. Dolemo,, G.A. Duncan, M.E. Swanson, D. E. Guittard, T. K. Leslie, R. Wagner, A. Krantz, S. Braathen Front Row: D. A. Miller, L/Cpl. P.D. Wright, Cpl. D. O. Hanson, Cpl. W. Spicer, Sgt. D.R. Cooke, C.S.M. L.V. Cobb, Capt. A.J. Mantle, C.S.M. T.E. Booker, Sgt. J.C. Leitgeb, Cpl. H.J. Shields, J.A. Swanston, F. Knutson, A. Nelson. The picture was taken by Oliver Studios.
Location: 0565.05
No. 11 Platoon, No. 2 Company, 133 C.I.(B)T.C., Wetaskiwin, 1944
1 photo; b & w; 12.5 x 32.5
A military photo labeled “No. 11 Platoon, No. 2 Company, 133 C.I.(B) T.C., Wetaskiwin, Oct. 1944”. Company members are identified as: L-R ____, Damsguard, Maerz, Korporaal, Miller Jim, Braham Terry, O’Neil, Jack Scott (Sgt.), “Pinky” Middleton (Lt.), Lloyd Spooner (Cpl.), Dinnie (Cpl.), Keech, MacDonald, Lambright (Zombie), Hein, Blair (Zombie), Boschalk, Petrie, Park, Campbell, Cooke (L/Cpl.), Collins, Wilson, Rose, Soldberg, Hopfe, Cameron, Harvey D.J. MacDonald, Vickermanm, Anderberg, Tuttle, Weir, Sarasin, ____, Perkins, Sandborn, Ritchie, Rosenblatt, Sand, Bob Wigmore, Isaac, Isaac, Moe, Joe Perry (L/Cpl.), Wawushka, Vigor, Armstrong, Bennet, O’Keefe, Bulman, and Howard. The photo taken by Artistone Studios.
Location: 0565.06
Group photo at the Boyd Sawmill, 1945
1 photo; b & w; 13 x 18
Group photo at the Boyd Sawmill includes: back row L-R- ______, Harold Mansfield, _____, George Hallet, child, Pete Wright; Middle row – ____, Dave Toews, _____, ______; and Front row – ____, Dorothy Mansfield with the Knesevitch girls.
Location: 0565.07
On Duty at the Hospital, 1947
1 photo; b & w; 6.5 x 10
Dorothy and Boz walking from the Nurses’ Residence to the Grande Prairie Hospital in winter.
Location: 0565.08
Marcine Lee, 1947
1 photo; b & w; 6.5 x 10
A photo of Marcine Lee in her nurses uniform by the Grande Prairie Nurses’ Residence.
Location: 0565.09
Marguerite & Hilda, 1947
1 photo; b & w; 6.5 x 10
Marguerite and Hilda standing on the steps of the Grande Prairie Nurses’ Residence.
Location: 0565.10
Mary & Lee, 1947
1 photo; b & w; 6.5 x 10
Two ladies, one in nurses in uniform outside of the Grande Prairie Nurses’ Residence.
Location: 0565.11
Nora Shields & Alma Slater, 1947
1 photo; b & w; 6.5 x 10
Nurses Nora Shields and Alma Slater in uniform.
Location: 0565.13
In Nurse’s Uniform, 1947
1 photo; b & w; 6.5 x 10
A nurse standing outside in her uniform.
Location: 0565.14
Alberta Ross, Matron, 1947
1 photo; b & w; 6.5 x 10
Matron Alberta Ross standing outside in her uniform.
Location: 0565.15
Alma Slater (Wright), 1947
1 photo; b & w; 6.5 x 10
Alma Slater (Wright) in her nurse’s uniform.
Location: 0565.16
A Lady in Nurses Uniform, 1947
1 photo; b & w; 5.5 x 7.5
A nurse standing outside by the Grande Prairie Nurses’s Residence.
Location: 0565.17
2 Young Ladies Standing by the Grande Prairie Nurses’ Residence, 1947
1 photo; b & w; 6.5 x 10
2 young ladies by the Grande Prairie Nurses’ Residence.
Location: 0565.18
7 Ladies in Nurses Residence, 1947
1 photo; b & w; 6.5 x 10
A group photo of ladies in the nurses residence in Grande Prairie. Some of the girls identified on the back are Doreen Mossey, Louis Riley, Ross, Boz, Emiline Doeker.
Location: 0565.19
3 Nurses Standing by Their Residence, 1947
1 photo; b & w; 6.5 x 10
A. Davison, E. Kurtz & N. Kovopoalnicki standing by the Nurses’ Residence, with the hospital in the background.
Location: 0565.20
A lady standing outside, 1947
1 photo; b & w; 6.5 x 10
An unidentified lady standing outdoors.
Location: 0565.21
A Picture Postcard of the Grande Prairie Hospital, 1947
1 photo; b & w; 9.5 x 14.5
The Grande Prairie Hospital on a postcard. There is some writing on the back of the postcard.
Location: 0565.22
3 Photos of a Ladies Bowling Team, 1947
3 photographs; b & w; 6.5 x 10
Three photos of the 5 ladies that make up the bowling team “Penicillin Kids”. Gwen Wilcox, Marie Koropalininki,Erna Kurtz, Ann Davison and Doreen Mossey, they are standing outside their residence in Grande Prairie. The team’s average in Oct. was 1500 for 3 games, and in April they were champs with a score of 3000 for 3 games.
Location: 0565.23-.25
Nurses Float in the Grande Prairie Parade, 1947
5 photographs; b & w; 7.5 x 8.5
Various photos of the nurses’ float that was in the Grande Prairie parade.
Location: 0565.26 -.30