Fonds 495 Horseshoe of the Peace Historical Society fonds

Horseshoe of the Peace Historical Society fonds. — 1990-1991. — 16 cm of textual records. — 5 photographs. — 1 sound recordings.

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Agency History

The Horseshoe of the Peace Historical Society was created July 6, 1985, at an informal potluck supper. The name “Horseshoe of the Peace” was suggested by Jim Hindmarch, as the Peace River makes a horseshoe-like bend through their area, with the communities of Cotillion, Silver Valley and Fourth Creek situated along it. The first executive of the Society consisted of Claude Fox, Jim Hindmarch, Brian Fjeseth, Lana Fjeseth, and Debra Stone. Later, Laura Hessler, Peggy Gano and Bill Vanden Dungen also held executive positions. It was the hope of the society that their projects would celebrate the wondeful community they were part of, would showcase their unique history and would preserve as much of their heritage as possible. The society would include all families who lived in the Savanna attendance area. The group decided on three main projects: a homecoming, a detailed history book, and the formation and maintenance of a local museum. The society had a dedicated and enthusiastic membership and was able to complete these projects.

In 1987, the club hosted a “Homecoming” on Aug. 1-2 with over 300 families participating in many actiivties. This community effort saw hundreds of volunteers from Silver Valley, Fourth Creek and Cotillion giving up hours of their time over the two days and many more on the months preceeding the event. In January, 1987, the group went ahead with plans for the community history book. Members again donated huge amounts of time to the project and Karen Fimrite proofread and edited every submission. Other members acknowledged for their outstanding diligence while working on the book include Audrey Hindmarch, Evelyn Fox, Linda Milner, Cheryl Hessler, Carol Stoby, Laura Hessler, and Leslie Bouck. The winner of the book title contest was Jeanie Bouck with her entry, “Tales, Trails and Gumbo” and the winner of the cover design was Melda Issac. In 1986 the Society purchased a building from the Spirit River School Division for $1.00. The building had served as a horsebarn, a classroom and a teacherage at various times. This was to become the first museum building and was moved to a site on the grounds belonging to the Agricultural Society. Claude Fox, Dick Fox, Tim Stone, Bob Paul, Marvin Petersen, Stan Stoby, Brian Fjeseth, Bob Agrey, Robbie Bouck, Troy Bouck, Jim Hindmarch, Gordon Brietzke, Trent Hingley, Art Fald, Barry Nelson, Charlie Cornock and others donated many hours to the landscaping, fencing and cement work required. Many ladies have been responsible for the painting and upkeep of the building and serve as caretakers during public events. Community members have donated antiques and artefacts.

Custodial History

The records were kept by a member of the History Book Committee and donated to the South Peace Regional Archives by Leslie Bouck in 2009.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of the history of the society, township maps, file listings identifying accompanying files of all the written historical contributions, anecdotes, poetry, art work, five photographs, and one sound recording.


Bear Looking in the Window, 1975
1 photograph; colour; 3 x 5
A bear is looking in the window of Walter and Wendy Vaughan’s home.
Location: 2009.134.01
First Crop in Fourth Creek, 1966
1 photograph; coloour; 3 x 3
“Taken at Rudy’s house” show a field of rye. Inez and Gwen stand in the center of the field. A. Fald has signed the back of the photo.
Location: 2009.134.02
Alma Dalen and Phyllis Hessler with Children, n.d.
1 photograph; b & w; 4 x 6
Alma Dalen and Phyllis Hessler stand in a sports field next to two children, one who is eating an ice cream cone.Back of photograph signed by Don Seekins
Location: 2009.134.03
Halloween Costumes, n.d.
1 photograph; b & w; 2.5 x 2.5
A group of children dressed in Halloween costumes. On back of photo “Vicki Sorgen picture”. Names includeTammy, Betty, Jean Thorp. Girl in the striped hat is Margo Hindmarch. File #185 Haugland contained this photo.
Location: 2009.134.04
Ben and Ralph Frank’s First Shack, 1955 c.
1 photograph; b & w; 2.5 x 2.5
Ben Frank and brother Ralph’s first shack on Ben’s place. Back of photograph signature “Evelyn Frank”
Location: 2009.134.05
Bill and Audrey Rehaume’s History, 1990 c..
Sound Recording
Bill and Audrey Rehaume’s history tape.
Location: 2009.134.06
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