Fonds 456 City Clerk sous-fonds

City Clerk sous-fonds. — 1954-1995. — 210 cm of textual records. — 174 photographs. — 3 maps.

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Agency History

The position of Town Clerk was first instituted when Grande Prairie became a town in 1919. At that time, the town clerk was the only administrative employee and had charge of the records, correspondence and business of all departments. All governance and decision making was the responsibility of the mayor and seven councilors.

This position has been long-standing for most of its incumbents. In 1923, Robert Keys began his tenure which would last for 36 years, until 1959. He was replaced by T.D.Tanton, then Letitia Saunders, another long-serving employee. The current City Clerk is Janette Ferguson.

The City Clerk department handles distribution of promotional material, City insurance, legal services, and conduction of regular and periodic census at the request of council. It is responsible for the maintenance of the record center and the archives in the vault.

Custodial History

The majority of the records continue to be housed at City Hall. Series 04 “Time Capsule” records were transferred to South Peace Regional Archives in November 2012 by a representative of the Marketing and Communications Department.

Scope and Content

The sous-fonds consists of census records, insurance records, municipal agreements such as expropriations and utility rates, files on special promotional events which have occurred in the City of Grande Prairie, and the contents of a 1962 time capsule from the cornerstone of City Hall. Two maps outline the fire fighting agreement between the City and County of Grande Prairie. Photographs are of special events in the city, such as prime ministerial and royal visits and the Canada Winter Games.

Artefacts at the Grande Prairie City Archives include the following items which relate to the City Council fonds:
Canadian Flag received by Mayor Graydon March 6, 1995 from Prime Minister Jean Chretien to celebrate 30th anniversary of the Canadian flag; United States flag, gift of sister city in Grande Prairie, Texas; Texas flag, gift of sister city, Grande Prairie, Texas; Edson People and Resources fla; Two Quebec flags; Two 75th Anniversary banners; 1978 Queen Elizabeth II Royal Visit Photo Album and SignatureAlbum; 195-1983 Council Photograph Album; 1984 Trade Dollar; City of Grande Prairie Bronze Coin; The Park Around the Corner
City Volunteer Pins (old cres; 75th Anniversary (1989) Canfor butto; 1989 Canadian Hot Air Balloon Championships button; Certificates of Appreciation (old crest).


Title based on the contents of the sous-fonds.

Table of Contents

Series 456.01 Census records
Series 456.02 Subject files
Series 456.03 Special events
Series 456.04 Time Capsule
Series 456.01 Census records. — 1961-1994. — 80 cm of textual records.The City Clerk Department conducts regular and periodical census upon the request of City Council.

The series consists of census statistics and methodology as well as the working files and computer print-outs of more recent census.

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Series 456.02 Subject files. — 1954-1992. — 104 cm of textual records. — 2 maps.The series consists of files on various city agreements with other municipalities, business or individuals. Topics include expropriations, fire fighting agreements, insurance, gas and power rates.
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Series 456.03 Special events. — 1958-1995. — 24 cm of textual records. — 174 photographs.The series consists of text and photographs of special events in the City of Grande Prairie: City Proclamation in 1958, Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit in 1975, visit of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in 1978, visit of Prince Andrew and Princess Fergie in 1987, the 75th Anniversary in 1989, and the Canada Winter Games in 1995.
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Series 456.04 Time Capsule. — 1961-1962. — 2 cm of textual records. — 1 maps.The series consists of records deposited in a time capsule in the cornerstone of City Hall (99 Avenue and 101 Street) on June 6, 1962. The records include a list of contents, invitation and program to the opening of City Hall, Herald Tribune newspapers from April 13 and June 5, 1962, Minutes of the June 4, 1962 Council meeting, lists of Grande Prairie Mayors, Councillors, and Secretary-Treasurers, “A Survey of the City of Grande Prairie Alberta” (1961), Peace River District telephone Directory (1961), list of 1962 City employees, Parking Ticket, one cent taken from parking meters, Map of the City of Grande Prairie, Water Bill, Assessment and Tax Roll sheet, and Tax Notice for mayor George Repka (Lot 7B, Block 1, Plan 5266 K.S.), and copies of several bylaws from the Village, Town, and City of Grande Prairie. The list of contents indicates that the 1961 Financial Statement was to be included, but it is missing.
Map of Grande Prairie, [ca. 1962]
1 diazo map; 29 x 50.5 cm
A ca. 1962 map of Grande Prairie showing lots and blocks, roadways, railways, Bear River (Creek), and landmarks and points of interest.
Location: 456.04.01
Herald Tribune, June 5, 1962
The June 5, 1962 edition of the Grande Prairie Herald Tribune newspaper, sealed in the time capsule of the new City Hall on June 6, 1962.
Location: 2012.058
Herald Tribune, April 13, 1962
The April 13, 1962 edition of the Grande Prairie Herald Tribune newspaper, sealed in the time capsule of the new City Hall on June 6, 1962.
Location: 2012.058
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