This Week in 1914 – Happy 100th Birthday Charlie Wales!

Charlie Wales and Gerald Carveth
Charlie Wales (standing) and Gerald Carveth, ca. 1970, when Charlie was President of the Oldtimers’ Association.

The Dec. 22, 1914 edition of the Herald newspaper has a small announcement at the bottom of page 1 – a son born to Mr. and Mrs. R. Wales on December 18. I had found this item some time ago, and made a copy for Charlie’s niece Clarice. She passed it on to Charlie, and one day when we were having lunch we asked him about his birth announcement being in the newspaper so soon. He told us that the Edson Trail passed between their house and barn, and a lot of people stopped in on the way by. He figured someone must have been there and knew about the new baby in the house, and when they got to town, passed the news around. I think it is really special to find these old birth announcements and especially one for a great fellow like Charlie, who turns 100 years old on Thursday.

written and researched by Kathryn Auger

Grande Prairie Herald - December 22, 1914
Grande Prairie Herald – December 22, 1914

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