I’ll Meet You in the Far Pasture

This filming was of the August 4, 1991 Drama Club production of “I’ll Meet You in the Far Pasture”. The play was written and directed by Steve Cregg, with assistance from Pauline Cregg and Greg Donaldson. Actors include Angele Cloutier, John Pawluski, Denise Cotton, John Morgan, Tom King, Frieda King, Denise Ouellet, Donna Gillon, Carmen Lunn, Gary Chmara, Beth Chmara, Steve Cregg, Tom Morgan, Alex Doucet, Michelle Chaput, Faith Peachey, and Tom Peachy.

The play was written in honour of Eaglesham’s homecoming celebrations and based on the memories of Ann Donaldson and Peggy Ulland of the 1950s Lassiter Project, north of Eaglesham.

We have uploaded the film to our You Tube channel.

We do have another video about Eaglesham, this one was filmed in 1952 and was uploaded a few months ago to our You Tube Channel.



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