Hythe Photos Need I.D.ing

We are looking to name the Hythe classes in the photographs below – 

This photo is thought to date from the 1940’s 03

Tentative identifications are – 

Hythe School photograph, taken inside the school gym, ca. 1950. Students are identified as (back row, l to r) Grant Finnon, ? , ? , ? , Jim Hodgson, Rene Sharkey, ? , Judy Armstrong, Dan Armstrong; (middle row, l to r) Laverne ?, Joyce ?, Donald Stubbs, Don Pearson, Veron Klimp, Bill Lanctot, ? Lizotte, Margaret Tangen, Art Patterson, Paul Gass; and (front row, l to r) ? , Tom Gass, Marion McPherson, Billy Fisher, Leroy Erickson, Teacher Vernon McNamee, Margarite Everton, David Stickney, Anita Hayjak, Leona Boey.


This second photo is from the 1950’s and we can use your help in naming the students. 02

A big thank you to Grace Wideman for sharing these photos of Hythe with the Archives!

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