From Saskatchewan to Grovedale

The Grovedale Ferry crossing the Wapiti River. ca. 1930

This month’s Country Roads heads to Grovedale for an account of the first homesteaders south of the Wapiti River. William Gabler had spent part of the winter of 1928 trapping in the area and was so impressed with the country that he returned to Rama, Saskatchewan and persuaded two other families, the Camerons and the Murrays, to join him in establishing a farming settlement. In the 1929 article, the area is not called Grovedale yet, but by 1943 when Mr. Gabler died, it had become the name of the district.

Researched & written by Kathryn Auger

The Herald-Tribune Feb. 11, 1943
Feb. 11, 1943
Grande Prairie Herald June 14, 1929
June 14, 1929


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