Cooking With Betty: Shopping and Hot Drinks

Cooking with Betty is a new limited-run blog series showcasing transcriptions from the Betty Welter Fonds. Each week, we will be sharing Betty’s recipes and her thoughts on raising children in Grande Prairie during the 1950’s. Each blog post will feature recipes from her handwritten recipe book and excerpts from her reflection piece Raising Children in Grande Prairie during the 50’s. This blog series is made possible by volunteer Suzanne Dunn, who transcribed the records, and practicum student Alec Moreau, who compiled the posts. We will try to keep things short, simple, and sweet!


When we think of “delivery” nowadays we think of pizza and packages, but in the 50’s essentials such as water and fuel for heating and cooking had be be delivered, as you can see in this week’s section of Raising Children in Grande Prairie during the 50’s:

Water was delivered by horse-drawn tank, either on wheels or sleighs to areas without water and sewer lines. Milk delivered daily, same way as above, in quart bottles. They were washed and returned. We bought tickets 11 for $1.00, and higher later on. Bread also delivered from our local bakery. Groceries delivered from local stores. Coal and wood when necessary and ordered. Bread was 10 cents a loaf, very little brown bread then.


Mostly local stores on main street. Walked to pick things out and carried home if possible or picked up when Jack got home from work with vehicle. Used mail orders too from Eaton’s and Simpson’s.

Enjoy a pair of recipes for hot drinks today! I’m a little curious how they compare to modern instant powders.

Reception Cocoa


1/2 c. cocoa
1/4 “ flour
1/2 “ sugar
1 qt. boiling water
1 “ scalded milk


Mix the 3 dry ingredients, add boiling water and cook for 10 min. Add hot milk and add salt or vanilla, beat thoroughly just before serving.
This reception cocoa is used for serving large quantities as it doesn’t separate.

Spanish Chocolate


2 c. milk
2 sq. chocolate
1 cup boiling water
1/8 tsp. salt
1/4 c. sugar
1 cup strong coffee


Mix chocolate, sugar and salt with the water and cook for 3 min. Then add milk and bring to scalding point., add coffee, beat thoroughly with egg beater until it develop [sic] a foam. You may serve with whipped cream or marshmallow or chill and serve with frozen milk or ice cream.

Join us next week as we continue Cooking with Betty!

Image: A page from Betty’s handwritten cookbook (From SPRA 0129.07.01)

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