Birth of the Library – a 14 Week Gestation

Grande Prairie Library
Grande Prairie Public Library in 1956 (likely Herald Tribune photograph)


From the earliest report I found that a library was being planned by the Womens’ Institute, to the opening of the library, was 14 weeks. What an amazing tribute this was to the WI, local citizens and businesses. I chose articles from the beginning and end of the process. The opening, with almost 500 books, was celebrated with a Silver Tea. By the time I remember the library upstairs in the Town Hall, it was no longer sharing the Council Chambers. Climbing the steep, dark stairs was like traversing a passageway to the magical world of books. What a long way the Library has come from a couple of book shelves in the Town Council room, to the facility we have today.

Researched and written by Kathryn Auger

March 9, 1939
Grande Prairie Herald – March 9, 1939


March 30, 1939
Grande Prairie Herald – March 30, 1939


June 22, 1939
Grande Prairie Herald – June 22, 1939

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