A Beaverlodge Soldier’s Christmas Party

David, Mary Jean, and Jim Carlisle decorate their Christmas tree, 1939

For the last post of this year, I found this feel-good story which shows why Canadian soldiers still hold a place in the hearts of the Dutch people.  Thanks everyone for your interest in the blog this year, and I look forward to continuing it in 2017.

Captain Don Little of Beaverlodge organized a party for seventy-five Dutch children with the help of his unit.  The men even sewed little cloth bags for the treats, which were contributed from their own Christmas parcels.  Sinterklaas and Black Pete attended the party, which was the first for the children in several years.  In appreciation, the soldiers were presented with a little dog named Dutchy as a mascot for their unit.

Researched & written by Kathryn Auger

The Herald-Tribune ~ January 4, 1945

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