January 4, 2021

Image: A film still showing Chuck and Linda Stojan posing on a haystack with a German shepherd (SPRA 0253.01.14, Fonds 253: Jerry Stojan family fonds)

Movie Monday highlights videos from the Archives’ film collection. Every week, an archival film will be featured on our YouTube channel and here on our blog. The Movie Monday project is made possible with the generous funding support of Swan City Rotary Club of Grande Prairie.

Today on Movie Monday we are revisiting the Stojan family. In this film, smiles abound as the children – and the rest of the family – enjoy the simple pleasures of farm life.

Jerry Stojan was involved in raising registered quarter horses in the 1960’s and won many trophies and blankets; in this home movie we see him passing his fondness for equestrianism on to his children, as Linda rides around the yard and older brother Chuck leads the pony. Horses are also seen at the beginning of the film, where several adults appear to be taking a rest while on a trail ride.

In addition to horses, the Stojan family also seems to have been quite fond of dogs; various dogs appear in their films. In this particular video, there are scenes of Linda playing with a litter of puppies, and Chuck frolicking with a German shepherd on a friend’s haystack.

The film is dated as having been taken in 1961. However, judging by the age of the children, it is possible that it was filmed earlier.

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