September 10, 2014

There were two items in the Sept. 7, 1928 paper about motor cars making the trip to or from Edmonton. One said a fellow made it to Peace River from Edmonton in 37 hours. The more detailed article was a trip by R.O. Bennett, manager of the Bank of Montreal in Grande Prairie, which took 37 1/2 hours to make the 550 km. trip.  It’s hard for us to believe now that it could have ever taken that long, but at the time, that was considered good!! Mr. Bennett undertook the trip “to see what the road was like”. He declares that the highway from Grande Prairie to High Prairie was splendid, a perfect dirt road, in his opinion. The problem was what was known as The Gap – a 100 mile stretch between High Prairie and Smith, which was under construction. oie_X8Ykuo2c6H5h oie_10172730QmRFoSmmWritten and researched by Kathryn Auger.


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