November 28, 2013

The Archives often gets donations in many different ways. A family sometimes will bring in a collection they think would be of interest as it contains information on the South Peace. We also will get records from a business or organization that is disbanding or we sometimes house the records for them even if they are still in operation.

Another way we can get a collection is someone has found it, like the one we are highlighting. Judy Hopkins found an old scribbler in a farmhouse she purchased in LaGlace. The notebook had belonged to Olaf Vekved and in it were drawings he had done in 1906. Olaf was a bachelor originally from Norway but settled in the Northfield area when he came to Canada. This is one sample of the pencil sketches that were in the notebook found by Judy.

What a talented artist Olaf was! We are so pleased to have this donation at the Archives so we can remember Olaf and share his wonderful drawings and history with you.



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