November 14, 2013

Bear Creek Bridge 032 08 08 0667

This photograph was recently donated to the archives and it has brought to mind the current ongoing construction on the bridge at Bear Creek.

We searched in early newspapers to uncover the first mention of the bridge; the Crerar Bros. had the contract for building the bridge as was mentioned in the April 21, 1914 newspaper.


The next news clipping is a complaint about the difficulty of accessing the water from Bear Creek.


We were also able to locate other photos of bridges over Bear Creek –

This photo c1918 is of Virginia McEachern standing on a makeshift bridge over Bear Creek.



This photo dating from 1916 shows the Bear Creek bridge in the distance and an early mill that was erected beside it.



And here is the current state of our bridge and the source of many traffic woes this past summer –

Bear Cr. Bridge 2013 Bear Cr. Bridge 2013 - 3 Bear Cr. Bridge 2013 - 2








Looking back through the records about the bridge helps me to appreciate the construction, because at least we have a bridge to travel over!

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