Erickson, Carl Jr.

Carl Erickson was born in 1920 to parents Carl Sr. and Anna Erickson. Carl moved with his family from Berwyn AB to Tupper BC at age 9. He and his younger brother, Erick were very interested in building and electronics as youngsters. Their father was a carpenter, so they had access to tools and wood, and they built violins, banjos, skis, boats, and model airplanes. The snowmobile which they built is on display in the Dawson Creek Museum. Playing violin and banjo in an orchestra, the brothers entertained at local dances. From age 16, Carl worked for 5 summers with the railroad, (starting at 25 cents an hour), while he worked the winters at a sawmill. At age 21 he joined the army, leaving the service in 1945. In 1946 he married Bernice Lawrence, who became a nurse in the following year. They had 3 boys: Clifford, Hugh, and Mark. After returning from the Army, Carl joined in a partnership with Erick and they formed the “Erickson’s Electric” business. They branched out to sell appliances, and in 1968 they included home furnishings, and built a larger store. Also during this time, in 1954, the brothers started a propane company, “Northern Gas Ltd.” which supplied propane to as far as the Alaskan border. They owned tank trucks and a sheet metal shop, which allowed them to make their own repairs. Branches of this business were also in Fort St. John and Fort Nelson. The Northern Gas company was bought by “Cigas” around 1963. When Carl sold the appliance and furniture part of the store, he kept the electrical part, and all of his sons became electricians. After Carl died in 1993, at age 73, Bernice, and two sons continued running the business.