Elhorn, Alvin Oscar

Alvin Elhorn was born in 1914. He joined the Army in WW II. Al and his wife, Ruth, and 3 small sons lived in Edmonton. Al came to the Wanham district on November 21, 1946. He was with the O. B. Lassiter Project which was a government land clearing project for veterans. Land was given out by draws, and he drew a half section on the highway 9 ½ miles from Wanham. His family moved from Edmonton to the land in September 1950. (Presumably a house had been moved onto the land.) A 3 ton truck transported all their belongings. Life in the Peace Country was a lot more primitive than Edmonton. In May 1951 Al resigned from his foreman’s job with Lassiters. He bought a milk cow, a team of horses, and chickens, and a barn was moved onto the property. Finally it was a real farm. The Elhorns had 5 children: Raymond, James, Herbert, Arlene, and Gary. Al passed away at age 92 in May 2006, in Wanham.

Source: Grooming the Grizzly p. 224 (picture in uniform), p. 301 family history, and photos of family and house.
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