Edey, Morley

Morley Edey, the oldest of six siblings, was born in 1916 in Wellwood MB to parents Alex and Fanny (Watson) Edey. In 1928 he moved with his parents and siblings to Spirit River AB. They lived in town until 1931 when the family moved to a homestead in the Bridgeview area. Two weeks after moving to their new place, the farm was totally destroyed by a fire. Generous neighbors helped out with supplies and rebuilding. The family also lived off the land by hunting. One day he and his brothers were chased by a 595 pound grizzly bear which they had to kill as it was 12 feet away and baring his teeth!

Morley and two of his brothers, Clarence and Reginald, served in WW II. He married Barbara Bresnaham, and they moved to Vanderhoof BC. They had 8 children: Donavon (killed in a car accident), Charlotte, Alexander, Eileen, Thelma, Timothy, Ann and Victor.

Morley died in July 2002 at age 89 in Grande Prairie.

Source: Memories and Moments p. 277, 241, 242, 243 photos; pp. 241 -244 family history
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