Doris, Albert Edward “Bert”

Born on May 11, 1918, Bert Doris was the son of William and Isabella Agnes (Armstrong) Doris. In 1929 at age 10, Bert travelled with his father and brother by train from Endiag AB to Falher on a 7 day trip. Then they took a horse and wagon to the Whitemud area where William had filed on land to homestead. They built a shack, and 5 months later Bert’s mother, Isabella, and Bert’s 3 sisters arrived. At age 14, Bert found employment with various other farmers, stooking and threshing. In 1936 Bert was able to apply for his own homestead near his parents (NE 26-74-23-W6). Bert took basic military training in Grande Prairie in 1940, but due to a childhood hand injury, he was not required to complete further training. While working in the Ballater area, (northwest of Guy), Bert met Andree Mencke (who imigrated from Belgium in 1931). They were married on March 5, 1943 in Guy. Bert built a house in 1944, and over the years 13 children were born: Harold, Jack, Lorrette, Thomas, Linda, Alice, Jocelyn, Paul, Robert, Mary Louise, Margaret, Mark and Michael. The last 5 children were triplets and twins. In 1960 the family moved to a half section (N ½ 18-75-22-W5) three miles north of the old homestead. After farming over 40 years, Bert and Andree moved to the town of Falher in 1976 when they sold their land. Bert died in November 1995 at age 77 in McLennan AB, and Andree died in 2007 at age 83 in Morinville AB.

Source: Guy p. 621 – 622
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