Bulford, Harvey Stanley

Regimental Number: M-608875

Harvey Bulford was born a twin on October 30, 1924 to Haviland and Kate Bulford. His twin was Harry Bulford. He had an older sibling, Irene and two younger siblings, Elmer and Elenor; also twins.

Harvey attended the Lindsay School; riding horseback during the summer and in winter his dad would drive them to school in a horse drawn caboose. Then he attended Lindsay High School taking part of his grade 9. At 15 years of age he quit school and took part time jobs when they came available; one being on threshing crews, one going as far as Vermillion. He also helped his dad on the farm.

In 1941 Harvey met Annie Diederich while threshing for the Diederich’s as Annie was doing the cooking, then on October 8 1943 he joined the army at the age of 19.

Harvey was assigned to Regimental # M-608875 and his rank was a gunner, he was first sent to District Depot #13 in Calgary for his basic training and then transferred to New Glasgow Halifax District Depot #61 for Advanced training then reposted to A23 T.C. He was granted sick furlough from Feb 9 1944 to Feb 22 1944 and was granted allowance of $1.25 per day while on sick furlough. His sister Elenor said that he had to have his toes operated on while in the army; he had ingrown toenails and they hurt with all the marching, this was in the Calgary Hospital. He completed his advanced training on Apr 23 1944.

While in Ontario training he visited with his relations Uncle Charlie and Uncle Harry in Hamilton. Uncle Harry was Dave Bulford’s grandfather.

In 1944 Dad came back home in the spring and fall to help with the seeding and harvest. He was home from May 9 to July 8 and then again Aug 24 to Nov 6 1944. He was also granted a New Years leave from Dec 29 to Jan 2 1945. Twice on his trips home he would stop in Edmonton to visit with his sister Elenor who was out there going to school. Dad came home for a short visit before being deployed over seas but when he got back to Halifax his platoon had a mumps outbreak and so they were all put into quarantine and he never got sent overseas as when the quarantine was over so was the war.

Harvey was discharged from the army on April 27 1946 and headed back home to farm with his family and on the quarter that he and his twin brother Harry had bought in 1945 from John Diederich (Annie’s uncle).

On June 25 1947 Harvey and Annie were married in St Joseph’s Chapel in Grande Prairie, and made their home on the NW quarter 33-72-3 W6th. They bought a house from Maurice Stewart and moved it to the farm. Four of the five children were born at this farm Lynne in 1948, Melvin in 1950, Grant 1951 and Beverly in 1957, they lived there till May 1959 when they purchased a ½ section from John Diederich W1/2 19-72-3 W6th and moved down the road, this is where they grain and cattle farmed and raised their children. In 1963 Harold was born.

Dad had other jobs off the farm as well, they worked out in the bush at different sawmills till the kids started school, He worked at Imperial lumber in Grande Prairie, the Alberta Government mowing ditches, and then him and Mom hauled mail for RR#1 till there retirement, but his love was his cows and the lease, many great trips out to the lease camping and picking berries. Dad always had a hard time letting go of his calves after spending so much time with them and finishing them off.

Mom and Dad and Lynne and Jerry had made a trip back to Ontario to visit with the Bulford’s that lived there, probably the same families that Dad had visited when he was stationed there while in the army.

Dad passed away on April 12 1990, Mom remained on the farm for another 22 years.

Written by Harvey Bulford’s children
October 2021

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