Stella, Robert

Regimental Number: 1251081
Rank: Driver
Branch: Canadian Field Artillery

Robert was born in New York City on January 11, 1891. He was farming in Lethbridge when he enlisted in the Canadian Army in October of 1916. While serving in the army, Robert willed his estate to the Canadian Red Cross Society. In September of 1917, he was invalided in Canada as a “mental case.” According to his medical records, Robert claimed that a mysterious power controlled him and he wandered away from his unit at times. He also stated that he had escaped from an asylum in 1914, was put back in, and “liberated” in May of 1916. Page 35 of his service file has some quotes from Robert relating to his diagnosis. He was, however, found mentally stable when he arrived in Canada. Robert filed on NW 13-77-21-W5 and NE 15-77-21-W5 in 1919, though he abandoned one homestead and cancelled the other. Robert died in the Provincial Mental Institute in Edmonton on December 26, 1957.