Glenn, James

Regimental Number: 675910; VR-3127
Rank: Private
Branch: 168th Battalion; Royal Canadian Navy

James was born in Londonderry, Ireland on January 22, 1895. He joined the Canadian army in April of 1916, and was discharged as a deserter on October 27, 1916. James was later pardoned and it is likely he left the army to join the navy, where he served until the end of the war. His brother William served in the Canadian army as well. After being discharged in 1919, James settled in Spirit River. He married Etta Welch Hakes on December 10, 1930 in Killam, Alberta and the couple moved to Spirit River in 1935. James died in Grande Prairie on January 19, 1972 and was buried in the Spirit River cemetery.

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