Chiverton, Frederick

Regimental Number: 19206
Rank: Private
Branch: 9th Battalion; Canadian Forestry Corps

Frederick was born in Surbiton, England on May 19, 1887. He filed on SW 16-77-19-W5 in 1914. In September of 1914, Frederick traveled to Valcartier to enlist in the Canadian Army. Because of his recurring heart trouble, Frederick served in England during the war, away from the front lines. Page 38 of his service file gives a detailed diagnosis from a heart specialist. He worked as a cook at some point during the war. Frederick married Annie on December 5, 1914. In October of 1947, Annie was living in Toronto; an undated present address card (likely from the early 1920s) in Frederick’s service file also indicates that he lived in Toronto after the war. Frederick died in Toronto on June 8, 1947.