Briggs, Albert Leopold “Bert”

Regimental Number: 706072
Rank: Sergeant
Branch: 103rd Battalion; 16th Reserve Battalion

Bert was born in Haworth, Yorkshire, England on June 25, 1885. According to British Columbia’s divorce records, Bert was married in Seaford, England on February 9, 1917 to a woman named Edith (the marriage was dissolved in 1925). In December 1917, Bert was sent back to Canada because of signs of pulmonary tuberculosis (his mother had died of the same when he was a teenager) and was discharged a few months later. Bert filed on a homestead in the Peace country in 1926, and received the title in 1931. Unfortunately, although he was a good farmer (and accomplished pianist), Bert was in poor health. He died back in England on November 26, 1955.

Sources: Wagon Trails Grown Over, p. 1098 & 1147