Bennett, Andrew Havelock

Regimental Number: 742092
Rank: Private
Branch: Canadian Forestry Corps

Andrew was born in Alma, New Brunswick on December 31, 1873. He and his wife Mary Emma were living in St. John, New Brunswick when Andrew enlisted in the Canadian Army in December of 1915. They had five children. In June of 1916 while training in Nova Scotia, Andrew tripped in a hole while on a parade and wrenched his left knee. It was at this time that doctors noticed he had a cyst or tumor on his knee. It was surgically removed. Andrew also suffered from myalgia caused by the dampness in the trenches. Andrew’s service file notes that he once forfeited 18 days pay for “creating a disturbance in mess and for being drunk on parade.” Andrew and Mary came west after he was discharged and filed on homesteads at SW 14-74-3-W6 and SW 15-74-3-W6. Andrew died of cancer at the University Hospital in Edmonton on December 25, 1934.

Sources: Wagon Trails Grown Over p. 1147